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Born into a musical family in 1999, Ming Zeng spent her childhood in a musical environment. At the age of 3, she began her piano lessons with her mother, a piano teacher. At the age of 7, she began taking violin lessons with her father in order to join the school orchestra. From that point on, her musical talent began to rapidly unfold, and she won many prizes in Chinese violin competitions, including three first prizes in the Xianluan Cup Violin Competition and two first prizes in the Fujian Provincial Violin Competition.


As her musical talent grew, she was awarded the Albert Cooper Trust Scholarship to complete her undergraduate and masters degrees at the Royal College of Music under the guidance of Jiafeng Chen and Natalia Lomeiko. Currently, supported by a Conservatoire Scholarship, she is pursuing her Advanced Postgraduate Diploma at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire under the guidance of Susanne Stazeleit and Nathaniel Vallois.


During her studies, Ming has not only given several solo performances in London, but has also demonstrated outstanding virtuosity in chamber music and orchestras. She has been a member of the London Film Orchestra and the London Firebird Orchestra, and was Principal Second Violin of the Royal College of Music Philharmonic Orchestra. She has performed with many renowned conductors, including Sir Antonio Pappano, Ryan Bancroft and Bernard Johan Herman Haitink. 


This year Ming and her quartet member took part in the Cendrillon opera project in February, her playing was described 'miraculous solo violin' in Roderic Dunnett's review "Ensemble. An Evening of Vocal Distinction". In March, Ming and her Piano Trio Risonanza won the Leamington Music Prize in the Leamington Chamber Competition. 


Ming's musical talents are not confined to the UK, she has performed globally, including in the USA, Italy and Denmark. She has been invited to perform at the Quattro Corde Festival, the Open String Festival and the Xiamen String Festival.

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